Halloween Horror Read: Bird Box by Josh Malerman

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  • Book 62/80 of my reading challenge

3/5 stars
Read this if you liked ‘Cell’ by Stephen King.

I bought this book at a shop in the Blue Mountains when I was visiting my boyfriend’s family in Sydney. I’ve been holding onto it knowing that I would be in the mood for horror at some point. I was a little hesitant to start it as I read a couple of pages and the way it was written already started to annoy me with its present tense i.e “Malorie walks into the kitchen.”
It took a bit of getting used to but I did and I eventually got into the story.


Malorie is living in a world where she can never look outside. She is trying to raise two children at the same time training them for life in this new world where something outside turns people crazy but only if you see it. All the windows are covered, blindfolds are always at the ready but really, how long can they live like this?

I would definitely compare this to Cell by Stephen King. It’s slow building and don’t expect to ever be sure of what has happened to the world Malorie lives in or you will be sorely disappointed. There were creepy parts but for the most part this felt like a mystery where you would never possibly be satisfied with the ending. As a debut novel I thought it did really well. The concept was great, the tension was there and the plot moved along at a satisfying pace. It just felt like there was some meat missing from the bones. I wanted to be blown away and I just wasn’t but that being said, I am a horror lover and it takes a lot to scare me and more often than not, books just cannot scare me.

All in all, this was a great debut horror novel and if you just want to be chilled and don’t care about ever seeing the monster (see what I did there? <and there!) then give this a shot, it might be your kind of horror!



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