Book Review: Shadows On The Nile by Kate Furnivall

  • Book 57/80 of my reading challenge

Rating 3.5/5 stars

This was my first time reading a Kate Furnivall novel so I didn’t know what to expect other than my father had said I would like it.
I was intrigued by the concept or, you know, anything to do with Egypt (especially in its archaeological expedition heyday.) I also liked that it was a mystery with a major Sherlockian plot point. Set in the 30’s, it had a lot of historical themes and made mention to a few political parties and events of the time.

Jessie is the daughter of two high brow, snobbish fascists. When she was a girl, Jessie remembers her beloved but difficult younger brother Georgie being taken away in the middle of the night. When she inspects his bedroom, she finds a new brother waiting for her. 

She grew to love her new brother, Timothy, as her best friend. Two decades later, she hasn’t forgotten that night but it happens again. Timothy vanishes. Having lost one brother, Jessie is determined to find Timothy, relying on clues that he left behind and the assistance of one, Sir Montague Chamford, to find him.

This was definitely an adventure tale. It had romance, suspense, mystery and an exotic setting that was well researched. I loved Jessie and her sense of determination. Some of the clues she followed seemed farfetched to me and not at all clever but I enjoyed her rapport with Monty as well as a couple of other characters who were introduced later in the book.

Some chapters were told in second person which is an incredibly hard POV to write and read. At first I really disliked it but it grew on me once I got to understand the character behind it.
As for the reveal, it was a little anticlimactic and there were definitely enough hints along the way for the reader to guess what happens/what happened in the past though there were a couple of points that surprised me towards the end.

I enjoyed reading this book and really appreciated the setting, characters and themes, even if the ending wasn’t quite as exciting as I’d hoped it would be.


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